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Short Term Car Insurance For a Last Minute Holiday

As another less than thrilling weekend rolled around (we booked it through over-sixties holiday specialists oversixties.co.uk) , some of my friends had the idea to head to Manchester for a couple of days. Normally, I would excited to get behind such a fun activity, but they were proposing to take my car while I stayed behind to work. I balked at the idea of risking it among busy motorway traffic and horrendous city parking, and the driving of my notoriously silly friends. That's when a friend suggested they all chip in to purchase short term car insurance for the weekend. I had no idea there was such an option!

I did a little research to find that car insurance can be purchased for as little as 24 hours, and all done quickly and simply online. There seemed to be few drawbacks, and with that reassurance I was happy to lend the car to my friends for the weekend on one condition--that they bring me back a souvenir.

I organized the short term car insurance online, and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the whole process went. Since the main driver had a UK license and a decent, although not perfect, track record, it was inexpensive and easy for me to understand. My friend used his credit card to pay for the insurance online, and we printed out all the relevant documents. I had read it was important to print out all the documents as proof of the short term car insurance. So, I kept a copy with me at home, and they took a copy with them in the car to Manchester just in case they needed to show it to anyone.

Rather than biting my nails as they drove off for the weekend, I was able to relax with a glass of wine knowing that the car was fully insured should there be any accident. Plus, I knew that I wasn't liable for any accidents on the road or even parked. Although I consider them to be my best friends, I know there are stories of neighbors and even family members suing one another when an accident is involved. Short term car insurance eliminated any of these worries, and the only thing I was angry about when they returned? Well, my Manchester United souvenir shirt was the wrong size.

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